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Landscape is not only the nature we see, but also what we perceive with our senses, which touch on the energies and the invisible part of the elements that make it up.
Nor is it just an image; it is also a rhythm, a vibration, a balance, a structure, a complex architecture of light from which most artists draw their inspiration. They try in vain to reproduce it, but until they understand that there is more to it than that, they will never get close. The landscape will always remain an elusive, inimitable and unrivalled model, an inspiring mirror for all human beings who know how to look at it and see it. But to capture it and render it artistically and sensitively, we need to know how to make choices and capture it when it is no longer just what it should be, but when it also carries another meaning, another truth (equivocity). It is only in this way that the artist sometimes succeeds in linking his gaze to the whole and expressing beauty with grace, the fruit of a long journey and an intense gaze, even if it will always remain imperfect and close to chaos, in any case it will only be a mise en abîme of our own failure.

All the artist's photographs are limited editions and can be acquired in the formats and on the supports proposed in the museum exhibitions or in the artist's galleries. Outside these exhibitions, please contact the artist if you are interested or would like further information or a quote:

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