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5 min. 58 sec.
Short film co-directed with Marc Décosterd

The film takes place on a glacier, in which the artist places a time capsule to measure the glacier's movements, in anticipation of the capsule's return, perhaps to be discovered in a riverbed by a walker in the not-too-distant future. Everything will depend on how quickly the glacier disappears as a result of global warming. The capsule contains information about the artistic concept and the state of the glacier in August 2022, enabling us to measure its evolution. Extracting a core of surface ice also enabled us to analyse its quality and the microparticles it contains, and to become aware of natural deposits such as pollen, soot and microplastics that reveal the pollution that exists in the high mountains, deposited by the air. In a public performance, the artist melts the water with a blowtorch, knowing the details of its contents, and then paints with it, a water that carries a particular temporality and history.

Password: Vvulgaris

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