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1 min. 23 sec.
Video art installation
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Triptych video art installation revealing still lifes with skulls in reference to classical paintings that speak of nothingness and death. A reflection of a troubled period, like the one we're living through, in the midst of a paradigm shift. In this way, we witness the transformation of a composition of blocks of ice containing objects, with the thawing revealing them in accelerated time. This transformation from one state to another makes us aware, through the random melting, of the degraded state of the natural elements that emerge from the ice, and thus of the effect of thawing on the composition of this still life.

In these still lifes in transformation, Garo and Décosterd give us a raw look at how our world is changing. Their video work, entitled "vanités-dégel", was shot in the studio using glacier-related elements loaned by the Museum, to create a triptych visual installation that simultaneously presents different compositions trapped in the ice and thawing at an accelerated rate (10 minutes instead of 12 hours), revealing an invisible spectacle that can be followed in real time, but which recreates totally dystopian and imperfect arrangements. An interpretation of the disaster that awaits us when all the glaciers have melted.

Password: Vvulgaris

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