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The "Collectif de la Dernière Tangente", a collective of Nyon (CH), was born from the meeting of several artists (plastic artist, musician, comedian, choreographer, videographer) who decided to express themselves collectively through interdisciplinary shows in which predominates the search for meaning and aesthetics.

"A meeting in 1989 between the actor François Chattot and the painter Bernard Garo – having just completed the fine Art School – is at the origin of this interdisciplinary project. At first the idea lay dormant, following its dream-path until reactivated by other meetings, with the musician Eric Fischer in 1999, the poet Dominique Brand, the video maker Frédéric Lombard, as well as the brilliant dancer Satchie Noro a few years later. In 1999 the collective was born and presented its first production La Dernière Tangente, in Paris. Since then artists and further innovations have come to enrich the collective and constitute a perfect harmony and further to create this resolutely contemporary living fresco, shown on many European stages. A performance which grips you with its vibratory power."   Valérie Penven

Since 2017, following the evolution of our fragile and changing society, in a world in danger, the collective has integrated the new paradigms by anticipating and adapting its objectives to the current context, by varying the proposals and reducing certain formats, but also by merging with various alternative scenes or places and not only scenic. Favouring both solo and duo performances to give meaning to its work, which complements other art forms and respects the environment, the collective, led by Bernard Garo, cultivates the urgency of beauty, using transgression when necessary to make people feel differently and perceive the truth emotionally.
All free and sincere art is a form of resistance in the face of indifference, which is the opposite of art, but which requires total commitment, preserving deep down the conviction that solutions exist so that the wind of hope blows again. Performance art plays its part in this transformation by stimulating society to take action for the planet by embracing the paradigm shift we are being offered.

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