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"Bernard Garo chose an iconic mountain, certainly the most famous in the world with its pyramid silhouette, the Matterhorn. In the heart of the Alps on the Italian-Swiss border, this mountain was formed by the tectonic activity of the Eurasian and the African plates between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras, which created the Alps. The Matterhorn’s geometric shape makes it difficult to scale, which has accounted for the disappearance of many mountain climbers who attempted it. Four monumental paintings of the Matterhorn were created, along with a couple of additional sketches. The number four, corresponding to the four faces of the mountain, alludes to the four national languages of Switzerland. Through their imposing size, these canvases also shoulder the power and unpredictability of the mountain, arousing visitors’ respect and heightening their admiration for the incomparable beauty of the Alpine landscape. The artist has sought to concentrate a natural energy in his paintings, integrating into their pigments fragments and dust from ancient rocks collected on site, rendering the invisible visible, manifesting the natural history that concerns us all."   Nicole Kunz

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