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Beyond the South - ALEXANDRIA

"In “Beyond the South,” it is the bulk of history and the power of the enchantment of signs that sets the tone. The excess is certainly there, not just in the architectural density and human frenzy, but also in the temples’ almost monumental disproportion, and the pride of place accorded to the hereafter. Garo embraces his Egyptian fascinations like his other subjects: in formats that include us in their spaces, with great breath, with a darting glance that alternates between surveying and then scanning the ground in search of traces, a tactile attentiveness to the mineral “skin” of things, a taste for their weft, textures and patterns. Without forgetting his singular mix of very physical implications suffusing his love of materials as they are embraced and transformed, or the metaphysical feelings that recall the great philosophical mysteries and the great scientific questions of yesterday’s world and of now.


Without a doubt, this Egyptian suite... inspired by the pyramids and tombs, conveys to us Garo’s powerful breath."   Nicole Kunz

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