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Bernard Garo was born in 1964. After graduating with distinction from the Lausanne Art School (ECAL) in 1989, he lived and worked in his studio in Nyon (Switzerland), between Lausanne and Geneva. His projects also led him frequently between Paris, Barcelona and Berlin.

In 1998, he set out on a sojourn of several months in Barcelona, Berlin and then Paris, to be exposed to other cultures and other places, while enjoying enriching artistic encounters. Since then, he has devoted himself chiefly to painting, with dedication and on a new scale, all the while developing in parallel his own photographic approach. In 2008, he represented Switzerland at the Brussels Summer of Photography with large format photos from a series entitled “Topography of passing through and forgetting.”

Garo’s work pays homage to painting as a component of our earth by including in his canvasses entirely natural materials that he finds on cliffs as well as in volcanic craters. He thus opens his painting onto a multifaceted contemporary perception that celebrates nature, mankind and our vulnerability, as well as life, technology and science. His work confronts us with the material of our origins, with a physical and mineral impact that brooks no indifference. He also seeks to create transverse links between his pictorial and photographic work.

Facing our future as humanity, Garo has taken on an active role. He stimulates change by using the multiple media at his disposal interchangeably. He seeks to convey fundamental ideas and values through humanist and contemporary thought, with the support of a hypersensitive outlook – an approach that he always cultivates from a matiériste and pictorial angle. His art is total and without limits.

He has more than one hundred individual exhibits to his credit in Switzerland, Europe, USA and China in galleries as well as museums. His pictorial and photographic work is to be found in private and public collections all over the world.

A definitive monograph, a multi-disciplinary book of art, as well as numerous catalogues and thematic works in several languages have now been published on his work.

REFERENCES (selection)


National art museum of China, Beijing (CN)

Contemporary art Museum, X’ian (CN)

Espace Arlaud Museum, Lausanne (CH)

Swiss National Museum, Prangins (CH)

Pully Art Museum (CH)

Cultural Center Jean Gagnant, Limoges (F) Stadthaus Forum, Stuttgart (DE)
Art Center of Ferme de la Chapelle, Geneva (CH)


Adriano Ribolzi Gallery, Monaco (MC)

Fangyuan Gallery, Beijing (CN) 

Faider Gallery, Brussels (BE)
Art Forum Gallery, Zurich (CH)
Galeria Calart Actual, Segovia (ES)
Art Dynasty Gallery, Geneva (CH)

Synopsis Gallery, Lausanne (CH)

Plexus Palace Art Gallery Montreux (CH)


Art Basel - Kunst Zürich - Art Genève (CH)
Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing (CN)

European festival of nude photography, Arles (FR)

Nuit Blanche, Paris (FR)
Show off, Paris (FR)
Summer of photography, Brussels (BE)
Nord Art, Hamburg (DE)


M20, Makrolon®, 8000 x 8000 cm, subway station Pont Bessières, Lausanne (CH)
Flux-Fluss, glass, 5 elements of 40 x 500 cm, roundabout, Wiedlisbach (CH)

Stele, glass and iron, 110 x 1300 cm, building facade, Nyon (CH)

The space of Sunflowers, 5000 x 5000 cm, land art installation, Paléo, Nyon (CH)     
Blue pebbles, 5000 x 5000 cm, mixed media installation, in nature, Paléo, Nyon (CH)

Water In, 500 x 1100 cm, Aubusson tapestry & high-tech aeronautical wires, school Gland (CH)


Simultaneously with his last exhibition, it is worth mentioning the outstanding release of an exceptional result of pluridisciplinary work of art, through the reflections and painting developed by the artist for 30 years.

"GARO – DÉFLAGRATION" (464 p.) – Format 32 x 24 cm, in French and English, by Till Schaap Edition, completed in December 2016

The art book is in sale in various artist's exhibitions, you can order it in library.

ISBN 9783038280828

In parallel with this exhibition, the book "GARO -  SPACE AND SYNERGY", published in March 2017 by Till Schaap Edition, is available in limited edition only upon request from the artist.

Other publications

Garo Art Unlimited

Book presenting the different facets of the artist's work

80 pages, French and English, 32 x 23 cm


Éditions Ferrari, 2011

ISBN 978-2-8399-0514-5

Garo, Beyond the South

Works on large-format painting of the Egyptian series

24 pages with 16 pages reprint, French, German and English, 42 x 30 cm

Éditions Antipodes, 2005

ISBN 2-940146-64-0

Garo, Barcelona, Basel, Berlin

Reference monograph

438 pages, French, German, English and
Spanish, 32 x 29 cm

Éditions Benteli, 2003

ISBN 3-7165-1294-X


«For him painting is a journey. And going on a journey means to be in a condition for painting. That is to say, to see more, feel more intensely, to impregnate oneself more deeply, to immerge oneself in the density of the history and the geography of a place.»​

24 Heures, Lausanne (CH), Françoise Jaunin, Art critic.

« Garo also paints the stroking of the brush, the smell of the materials, the layering and rough texture of the surface. »

*Déflagration, Art book, Michel Thévoz, writer and philosopher.

« This unique mixture makes GARO DEFLAGRATION one of the most interesting publications connected with the Arts I ever held in my hands. It more than deserves any attention it can get. Exploring the strength and fragility of civilisations it is also of an impressing topicality in the present developments of today's world. »

World Radio Switzerland, Geneva, (CH), Uli Van Neyghem, journalist

« ...In his universe, painting is an act which is created without paintbrush. Garo drops off by strata the truthful polymorphes of light, earth, bodies... »

Le soir, Bruxelles, (BE), Dominique Legrand

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