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The Voice of an empty Space - LISBON

"Garo takes us to the Portuguese capital. Far from the city of white walls and red rooftop clichés, the artist favours ambiances imbued with nostalgia, where we almost seem to perceive the languorous intonations of fado, steep little streets, monumental arches of a bygone era and, then again the complex structures of more modern architecture. Curves are everywhere in his paintings, with brown, grey, blue and rust harmonies, a curve that underlines an arch, then a spiral staircase, and then the silhouette of a promontory. Just as he did in the other two series for this Project, Garo immersed himself in the place to capture the essence of the city through a series of photographs from which he constructed his compositions. His signature – dense materials rich in sand, bitumen and other natural earthy substances – consolidates an already highly structured drawing, reflecting architectures of stone and metal."   Nicole Kunz

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