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Association des Amis de Bernard Garo


The Association des Amis de Bernard Garo was created in March 2013, following the sudden death of two of his artist friends.

Officially constituted on March 3, 2014 in Nyon, it aims to protect not only the artistic heritage of the artist beyond his death but also to participate in the enhancement of his monumental and original work by supporting his promotion and its distribution in Switzerland and abroad.

If you want to become a member of the association in order to support or participate in the development of the artist's work as well as an important cultural event in the region and to benefit from advantages, download and complete the membership form by sending it by email or mail to the address below.

Atelier ICI Nomade

20A, route de l'Etraz

1260 Nyon



Laurent SCHLAEFLI, President

Paola MÖHL-PIGNATELLI, Vice-president

Marie-Jo VALENTE, Sponsoring coordinator

Edouard MARTIN, Treasurer


Josiane DEILLON-RAPIN, Member

International art project manager


If you want more information about the artist, his works, special orders or for the organization of a particular exhibition, please contact Alicia CHOVELON by e-mail or phone.

Worldwide Art Plateforme 

representation manager


Pauline HOUL, CEO of Monart, art platform :

Artist's contact


For private visits of the artist's studio or specific questions about his artworks, his publications, please contact Bernard GARO by e-mail or phone.

Artist's assistants​


Marianne ABELLA - Kalissa CARNEIRO - Nicolas DE CESARE - Carine CHRAST - Marine JEANGROS - Benjamin LUNA - Péline MONTMAYEUR - Jean OBERSON - Nina PASZKOWSKI - Carlo ROSAT - Grégory SUGNAUX

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